Antonio Stecco, MD, PhD

Clinical Instructor, Rusk Rehabilitation, New York University School of Medicine
President of Fascial Manipulation Association


fascia, muscle stiffness and alteration of the connective tissue, spasticity

Scientific activity devoted to the study  the human fasciae from a macroscopical, histological and physiopathological point of view. He personally made over 100 cadaver dissections for research. From 2007 he organizes and  personally holds theoretical-practical courses about the Fascial Manipulation  method  in all the five continents. Author of more than 40 in extensor papers about the fascia. Co-Authors of three books and co-author of different chapters of international books published by Elsevier.

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
President of Fascial Manipulation Association
PhD from Padua University
MD from Padua University

Selected Publications

  • A Commentary Review Of The Cost Effectiveness Of Manual Therapies For Neck And Low Back Pain
    Harper, Brent; Jagger, Kristen; Aron, Adrian; Steinbeck, Larry; Stecco, Antonio
    Journal Of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. 2017 Jul; 21(3):684-691
  • Successful Treatment Of Rotator Cuff Tear Using Fascial Manipulation(R) In A Stroke Patient
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  • Human Recombinant Hyaluronidase Injections For Upper Limb Muscle Stiffness In Individuals With Cerebral Injury: A Case Series Raghavan, Preeti; Lu, Ying; Mirchandani, Mona; Stecco, Antonio
    EBioMedicine. 2016 Jul; 9:306-313
  • Fascial Manipulation Associated With Standard Care Compared To Only Standard Postsurgical Care For Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Busato, Massimo; Quagliati, Cristian; Magri, Lara; Filippi, Alessandra; Sanna, Alberto; Branchini, Mirco; Marchand, Aurelie Marie; Stecco, Antonio PM&R. 2016 May 19; 8(12):1142-1150
  • Fascial Disorders: Implications For Treatment
    Stecco, Antonio; Stern, Robert; Fantoni, Ilaria; De Caro, Raffaele; Stecco, Carla
    PM&R. 2016 Feb; 8(2):161-168
  • Is The Cervical Fascia An Anatomical Proteus?
    Natale, Gianfranco; Condino, Sara; Stecco, Antonio; Soldani, Paola; Belmonte, Monica Mattioli; Gesi, Marco
  • Surgical & Radiologic Anatomy : SRA. 2015 Nov; 37(9):1119-1127
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  • Viscoelastic Properties Of Hyaluronan In Physiological Conditions
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